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The Cost of Protection v. the Cost of Non-protection

I was talking to a couple recently about life insurance.  They didn’t think that they could afford to buy any.  Now it’s true that some people simply can’t afford any extra expenses, no matter how small.  But most employed people … Continue reading

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Reasons for Life Insurance

There are several schools of thought about life insurance. The best thing ever. Good but not necessary. Useful for some people but not others. Take it or leave it. A total rip-off. Don’t know anything about it, and don’t want … Continue reading

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Free Quote Websites

Probably most people have run across websites or ads for websites that offer free quotes for either life insurance or health insurance.  Now those websites do have a useful purpose (sometimes).  They can give some people a sense of what … Continue reading

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Why I Became an Insurance Agent

There are several reasons why I decided to sell insurance.  If you asked me why more than once, you might get a different answer each time, depending on which reason I happened to think of first at any given moment.  … Continue reading

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Life Insurance and the Very Elderly

There’s a little secret about life insurance that may blow up in our faces as society ages.  Traditional whole life expires at age 100.  To take an extreme example, suppose that your parents bought you a whole life policy when … Continue reading

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Term Insurance

There’s really not a lot that can be said about basic term insurance.  Most people probably know most of it anyway.  But in the interests of thoroughness here’s a quick rundown. expires after a certain time 10-30 year policies for … Continue reading

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You can find all sorts of blog posts and other articles on the internet about the types of life insurance.  If you’ve read any of those, or otherwise already know about this topic, please excuse me.  However, I recommend that … Continue reading

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